Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Anniversary Gifts

I received this beautiful Lampe Berger for my Anniversary. It's from France. He likes to get the gifts they say you should get every year. Last year was a antique coffee table...That I just love. (furniture) This year it's porcelain. It has 4 different ladies on each side. You can buy different liquids. He chose Asian Pear. I also received 4 rooster glasses from Willams and Sonoma(eat your heart out Cindy F.) and a cherry/olive pitter.


Cindy F. said... saw the roosters and my heart sped up!! Williams Sonoma you say? Love them!!! Got to HAVE them!! Yes, I am a copycat;)

Wow! What a gorgeous Lampe Berger!
Your husband is GOOD!!! Nathan and I follow the traditional lists...this year was leather. We got desk chairs....boring, huh?

and a cherry/olive pitter.'re just spoiled;)

benji wolf said...
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benji wolf said...

Ok, where's the picture of the cherry pitter? I can attest that this works very well! John is a good man and so thoughtful! I love those Lampe Bergers -- they really work well, too!