Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Stitch camp

Had a wonderful time at camp. We were on the Frio River. You could sit out back on rockers, what a great view. Very peaceful and tranquil. I downloaded the pictures to flikr. So check them out. We had two projects, an auction, a raffle and show and tell. My Betsy went for $65.00 and the Robin made $40.00. I hope my fellow stitchers enjoy them.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Kidney Biopsy/Results

Well I haven't posted in a while, because I been busy with the doctors. Go figure, I would have to go get some rare Kidney Disease, that they just don't know much about, and I don't even
fall in the normal parameters. Like African American Male, High Blood Pressure, Diabetes and some other things. They think it could be from medication. It is called FSGS. I am taking some crazy medicine. Which I don't like the side effects. Well one good thing is that we are getting ready to go to stitch camp. I am so looking forward to this. I made these fobs and goodies for the auction they are going to have. The auction helps offset the price for the next stitch-in/get together. I think they came out cute. I made a needle minder, its a little bird in the yellow
bucket and a needle card, that also is in the bucket. Happy Stitch'n Penny

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

New Stash at 1/2 Price

Here are two great buys. I changed the silk for the Quaker House Samplers. Dinky Dyes and Belle Soie.

Another Piece

This is Sharon's piece, one of the Shop owners. Amy that was with Sisters and Best Friends designed this, I do believe. Sharon did some color changes.


This piece I did for one of the customers named Beth. She is my first customer. Our camera decided it didn't want to take pictures anymore so, I bought a new one and I love it.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Sea To Shining Sea Progress

I decided to do in on a piece of linen I had in my stash, if I had this color in 36 or 40 I would of chose that. The color is Smokey Pearl. I have had to make a few minor changes. You were suppose to use tumbleweed for the clouds. My piece of silk I got in my kit was very verigated and it would have been mudy clouds. So I used Icing. I am enjoying stitching this piece.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Heck of a Week

Well, it's definitely been an interesting week, I am behind in my cross stitch. I had to get a Kidney Biopsy on Thursday and spend the night in the hospital. The Biopsy went well, just waiting for the results. They think my body is trying to fight off my kidneys. Some auto immune thing, but it could be 20 other things. So I just have to stay busy. I framed two pieces for the shop. I wanted to take pictures but I forgot. I got to stitch with the girls for a couple of hours today and then we went to dinner. It was real nice. I have made some progress with my Sea To Shining Sea, I need to take a picture and post it. Happy Stitching. Penny

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Birthday Presents

These are some of the presents I got fromt the girls here in San Antonio, plus I got three gift cards from the shop from Benji, Anita and Nancy. Thank you so much

Birthday Presents

My BFF Donna from Virginia Beach gave these to me for my birthday. Too cool. Just love them. Thank You Donna

The Shop

The girls had a little birthday party for me at the shop on Saturday. I already received some gifts and a cake on Thursday. I feel so spoiled and blessed. Of course when Benji was taking the picture my mouth was open. Imagine that. There is Val in the green stitching away as always. That girls stitches beautifully. I think she is are hardanger queen.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I was walking Molly Monday morning and seen the 1st Bluebonnets for the year, check it out...


My friend Val gave me this great tin at the sit and stitch Saturday night, the kit is from Twisted Oaks, I just love it of course because of the Cardinal. The little one is a needle minder. Happy Stitch'n Penny

Finish 09

Just finished the Lark from JBW Monday Night. Now I have to either frame it or make it into something else, not sure at this point what to do.

I used Weeks Dye Fabric Morris Blue and DMC 4030.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Ohhh I forgot

Ohh and by the way Miss Anita if you are reading this post, that was not my early "surprise it's your birthday party...." Anita told everyone that it was my birthday party. I said isn't that nice I cooked and cleaned and everything. And when my husband came home he had to be a joker and walk through the front door and say "hi the stripper's here" He thinks he's funny. He's lucky he's cute. Well Happy Stitching ya'll!!

Sit and Stitch

Well I think everyone had a good time, those girls had to take pictures of me in the wee hours of the morning, we have sime die heart stitchers here in Texas. When I was in Virginia I think the latest was 2 am. I couldn't stand it I fell asleep around 3am. Those girls just wore me out. The sangria was good, the only thing left in the punch bowl believe it or not was the fruit. I made Chicken Florentine Lasagna and the regular red sauce kind. I told them that they were going to be ginny pigs for the chicken one, I hadn't tried it yet. Well I should of made two of them. They scarfed it down. Desert was Raspberry Cheesecake brownies and coconut cake. Francis one of the shop owner's brought the cake. We will have to get that recipe. If anyone is interested in seeing the pictures click here http://dagneysmom.blogspot.com/ and http://lonestarstitcherandherramblings.blogspot.com/ these two girls took all the pictures. I didn't have time. So hopefully you can hyperlink on over to Cindy and Benji's blogs. We have a stitch camp to go to the end of March, they better not fall asleep before me. I will have the camera ready.