Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tammy John and Penny

Tammy John and Penny
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I found this photo of my son, sister and of myself on my sister-in-law Jenny's flikr page. I don't even remember taking this picture. But then with the Cranek family you never know when you are on cadid camera. This was Christmas of 05.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter

Hi everyone,

Can't believe Easter has come and gone. Before you know it summer will be here. Here is our family photo in front of our roses. Molly decided she was going to finally join us.

Thursday, April 9, 2009


I went with one of the shop owners to a stitch camp in Solado. We set up a minny store. Well Connie was there with here piece And they Sinned. It's funny because I met Connie when I worked for Dyeing To Stitch in VA. BCH. Now I am here with her in San Antonio. Small world. This is a piece to be proud of.

The Bird Keeper

I couldn't stand it, I had to start another project. I changed things up. I love birds so I love this piece. Some people I won't mention names thinks I am crazy. They want to know what happend to her legs. LOL's Well I don't know Ask Kathy from Carriage House. I think she prefers the birds. This photo should be a little darker. The flash really lightened it up. Instead of NPS, which I love, I used Crescent and Sampler Threads. The fabric is dill from Lakeside Linens.

WIP update

Here is Quaker Virtues and Frances Eden.

09 Quickie Finish

Down By The Sea Retreat Fall 06