Monday, May 11, 2009

Medical Update and Bird Lady Finish

Well last week was really busy, I had an appointment with the doc on Monday and a stress test on Tuesday, I tried to get out of it he said no. Well the good news is my heart is normal and when I had to do the wonderful 24 hour urine collection they found out my protein level had gone from 5700 when I was diognosed with FSGS to 1909. This means the medicine is working, thank God. I also will be framing for our shop. I am waiting for the corners to come in. I am using a frame business out of North Carolina that the shop I worked out of in Virginia used. They are so reasonable. I am very excited about the whole endeavor. Hopefully I will be very busy. I hope everyone had a great Mother's Day. My DH's mother passed right before Mother's Day 3 years ago yesterday, and I felt sad for him and his siblings. She was a great lady and we miss her dearly. For Mother's Day I had my kitchen floor washed by Sarah, this was a big shock, I got a book and a sudberry house 4 inch box. We went to Olive Garden and it was packed. John went over there and waited an hour in a half, he watched the basketball game in the bar. The kids and I only had to wait 10 minutes. I had Steak Madallions with gorganzola and fetuccini, it was so good, and the Berry Sangria. Yum. Here is the Bird Lady, she looks like she should have been done in the fall.

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Cindy F. said...

Hey girl! So glad your heart's good and your meds are working!!
I know you and dh miss his mother and I'm truly sorry she passed a few years ago:(
How sweet of Sarah to clean your floor! Now that's an awesome Mother's Day gift! Glad you had a good day AND good food:)
Congrats on finishing Bird Lady! Are you going to hang her on your beautiful wall I love so much?