Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Some finishing I have been doing

I tought a punchneedle class last month and Letty one of my students made me this little oval box with my initial.. It made me tear up, she is so thoughtful...
The Lizzie Kate Halloween piece is Melissa Q's, We chose a double frame...Just love this piece.
Besides framing I have been finishing. Here are some pieces. I stitched the heart, there are beads around the whole heart. The Santa pin is from Kathy James, she ordered this grape brass piece, and I had to figure out how to mount it, into a pin. I put red velvet on the back, with trim around the sides came out cute. Francis Sandara stitched the other two pieces. She stitches them and then gave them to me to figure out. Above the carolers it says Shepherds Bush that is for the piece above that, that I did.

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